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WFPB Salt Sources for Good Delicious Cooking

Friday, July 14, 2023

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WFPB Salt Sources For Good Flavorful Cooking

Salt is a dimension of flavor that can really change the flavor of a dish. Salt can unlock the flavor of our dishes by reducing bitterness and enhancing the sweetness of dishes.

Crystalized salt is not your only option as a salt source in your whole food plant-based cooking

Below is a list of salts you can use for your whole food plant-based cooking:

  • Sea salt: Sea salt is derived from evaporated seawater and is a popular option for its natural taste and texture. Look for unrefined sea salt, which retains its trace minerals.
  • Himalayan pink salt: Mined from ancient sea beds in the Himalayas, pink salt is known for its distinctive pink color and mild flavor. It contains various minerals and is often used for finishing dishes.
  • Kosher salt: Kosher salt has a coarse texture and is commonly used in kosher food preparation. It dissolves easily and is suitable for general cooking and seasoning.
  • ​Black salt (Kala Namak): Black salt is commonly used in Indian cuisine. It has a distinctive sulfurous aroma and taste, making it a popular choice for vegan egg substitutes and savory dishes.
  • ​Smoked salt: Smoked salt is infused with smoky flavors by being smoked over wood fires. It adds a unique smokiness to dishes and can be used to enhance the flavor of vegan meats, grilled vegetables, or soups.
  • Herb-infused salts: These salts are typically a combination of salt and dried herbs or spices. They are excellent for adding flavor to various dishes. Examples include rosemary salt, garlic salt, or lemon salt.
  • ​Pickled and Fermented Vegetables: sauerkraut, kimchi. pickles, pickled peppers like jalapeños or banana peppers, fermented carrots and other vegetables.
  • Soy Sauce or Amino Acids
  • Condiments: Hot Sauce, Ketchup, Mustard and Salsa
  • Olives: Kalamata, Green, Nicoise, Manzanilla, etc
  • ​Seaweeds: Nori, Kombu, Wakame, Dulse

It's important to note that excessive salt consumption can have negative health effects, such as increased blood pressure. Use salt in moderation and be mindful of your individual dietary needs and preferences. If you have a chronic illness such as high blood pressure, consider using other items on the salt list or balance your dishes with more acid, heat and fat. Work with your doctor and/or dietitian to find the right salt balance for you and your health.

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