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Living Green Garden's Blog

Secrets to Flavorful Whole Food Plant-Based Foods

WFPB Salt Sources for Good Delicious Cooking

Healthy WFPB Fats to Improve Your Plant-Based Cooking

Whole Food Plant-Based Acids to Use in Your Cooking

Spice Up Your Meals: How Adding Heat Enhances WFPB Cooking

2021 Tools and Practices for Self-Care and Mental Health

My Original Tools and Practices List for Self-Care and Mental Health (2020)

Staying Centered and Mindful Tools and Practices for Self-Care

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Hi,I'm Libré!

Living Green Garden, Founder

Welcome to my blog. The Living Green Garden Blog is about gardening, whole food plant-based cooking and holistic energy practices that  promote health, wellness and healing by helping you increase your vibration and recenter into well-being.  

Soul-Full Whole Food Plant-Based Cookbook

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Delicious wfbp oatmeal raisin bread recipe

This healthy whole food plant-based recipe is super delicious and very versatile. Turn this recipe into zucchini bread, add dark chocolate chips and walnuts, pineapple and coconut...THERE ARE SO MANY COMBINATIONS!! Have fun with this recipe. You will not regret making it!

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