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2021 Tools and Practices for Self-Care and Mental Health

Friday, July 14, 2023

Primary Blog/2021 Tools and Practices for Self-Care and Mental Health

My Tools and Practices for Self-Care and Mental Health in 2021

Below is the list of Tools and Practices that I developed in 2021 to stay centered and promote self-care.

TIP: Make a list of things that will aid in your self-care and mental health. Then choose the practices that are non-negotiable and set up boundaries to protect them. Protecting your Tools and Practices protect your peace. 

New routine 2021

Most days, wake up between 5-7 am. (Consider Sunday-Thursday)

Walk before work - 30 minutes

Take a 10-15 minute break between each meeting.

Get clothes ready/decided by Sunday (can do this 2 weeks in advance)
Food prep breakfast and lunch for Monday-Friday on the weekend

When doing any kind of work, work for 25 minutes and break for 5

Be flexible

Meditate each morning

Each evening set the next day’s intention

Write in journal before 9pm most days

Read at least 30 minutes of a book most days

Do not procrastinate on anything (do diffcult actions immediately. Do not avoid)

Do at least a 10 minute physical activity mid-workday or when getting stressed

No more than than 4 hours of Zoom meetings. 5 hours at most.

Take at least 30 minute lunch every day

Take 2- 15 minute breaks

Only 2 hours of all media, Monday - Thursday
Only 4 hours Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Work from 8-4:30 and do not take work home during the week (only on rare occasions)

Balance work on the weekends.

Listen to your body and mind and voice your needs

Be flexible with everything

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